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At Be Simply Awesome, we are a community of growth-minded individuals working to achieve optimal wellness and fitness within a supportive network. Whether your goals include fitting into a special occasion dress or you simply want to stretch while expanding your social circle, we’ve got a space for you! We understand just how isolating and overwhelming it can be to work from home while balancing your family’s schedule, and there’s little time and energy left over for yourself. We are here to help you relight that fire in your soul to find the spark of passion that fuels you.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Join us for a 12-week boot camp!

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Live Virtual Classes With 72 Hour Playback Ability

Join us in live virtual classes on a schedule that accommodates working moms! If our schedule doesn’t work for your busy life, that’s okay too. You’ve got 72-hours to playback the class recording to fit your workout into your schedule, or, if you’re feeling froggy, you can repeat your favorites. Work out from the comfort of your own home, or take us to the gym, the park, or wherever you work out, with you and play the recording on your mobile device.

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A Large, Positive, and Uplifting Community That Offers Accountability

They say that showing up is the hardest part of any workout, and intimidation is the biggest obstacle to taking on any fitness challenge. When you join Be Simply Awesome, you gain access to our amazing, encouraging trainers, and a whole online community of other women just like you. Cheer each other on, hold each other accountable, and praise each other’s accomplishments. In life, in wellness, we are in it together!


Nutritional Support and Calls With Your Trainer

We don’t record virtual workouts and expect you to figure it out on your own. At Be Simply Awesome, we don’t simply provide you with a workout plan, we offer a complete wellness program! When you register for our online boot camp, you’ll also get nutritional support that includes meal planning tips and recipes, and tips on modifying your favorite dishes and plans that consider your dietary preferences. The best part is, you’ll have calls with your trainer to get real feedback, encouragement, and she can answer any questions you have.

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Mental Wellness

Fitness is a journey, and holistic wellness is the path. In a world of fad diets, unrealistic expectations, and high demands placed on women and mothers, it is incredible that any of us are keeping it all together. Chances are you are seeking out a self-improvement program because you are overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and generally unhappy with how you look and feel. You are not alone. The most important part of your fitness journey is how you feel and your mental wellness. Our boot camps challenge your mind as much as they challenge your body, to discover peace and personal satisfaction in a world of chaos. Breathe with us.

Join our online boot camp and discover the many positive fitness and wellness benefits of a program written and directed by encouraging Indian women. We have virtual boot camps beginning every 12 weeks, with the next one starting just in time for summer! Visit us online to get started today!

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