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12-Weeks Online Bootcamp!

Unlock your full potential with online strength training! Experience the ultimate fitness revolution from home; our virtual programs provide unparalleled convenience. Tailored workouts cater to your unique goals, offering a diverse range of routines accessible at your fingertips. Enjoy the flexibility to sculpt your physique on your schedule, eliminating the constraints of traditional gym hours.

Let's start planning for a life-changing 12-week session.

We can't wait for you to hang out with our excellent trainers for 12 weeks. Join a vibrant online community, fostering motivation and connection with like-minded enthusiasts.

Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships with our cost-effective and impactful fitness solutions. You will get to work out, get fit, and be part of our supportive community. Our boot camp workout program gives you the following:

The new session starts on July 3rd

3 Virtual Live Classes Per Week in the Comfort of Your Home

72 Hours of Recording Availability

Monthly bonus Classes for Free

Nutrition Support


A Large, Positive, Uplifting Community!

Coaching Calls from the Trainers

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Total body bootcamp with Instructor Mitali

6 PM - 7 PM




Total body bootcamp with Instructor Sangita

9 AM - 10 AM




Total body bootcamp with Instructor Aruna

9 AM - 10 AM