Reasons why you should not be sitting long hours

If you think you are living an ideal lifestyle with most of your time spent comfortably seated in your office, think again. Scientists have found that too much sitting is linked to heart disease, diabetes, and premature deaths. With the rising job opportunities in IT-enabled services, most of the workforce find themselves sitting for extended hours on a computer for most of the day. Based on a report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, more than half of the people's average waking hours are spent sitting either watching television, working on a computer, or maybe spent in physically inactive pursuits.

Too much time is sitting down may be bad news for your health. The scientific community has termed this as "Sitting Disease" and refers to metabolic syndrome and the ill effects caused by an overly sedentary lifestyle. However medical community does not recognize Sitting Disease as a diagnosable disease. Regardless of this, people who spend most of their time sitting like computers stand a greater risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Here are five ways to help you sneak in some feet time:

Nonexercise activities

Aim at getting 10 minutes of non-exercise activities such as turning, bending, and stretching. Get moving more often for small goals, for example, to catch a glass of water. Stretch out your entire body and the cramped muscles.

Squeeze fit short workout session during your lunchtime

Carving out some time for exercise is far better than having none. It is good to have a whole day approach to physical activity. It doesn't need to be strictly about gym workouts. You can even go on a walk at lunch instead of sitting and chatting in the break room.

Find opportunities to get up from your desk.

Have a question for your co-worker in the next building or another floor? Please walk up to his desk for some face-to-face interaction instead of shooting him an email.

Leave your chair if you get a call.

Your body uses more muscles and burns more calories when you are standing than when you are sitting. Get into a habit of standing up each time you get a call on your cell phone or telephone.

Rethink to commute

If you drive your car to your workplace, either start parking it furthest in the parking lot to allow you to walk more or start taking the bus to commute to the office and get down one stop early to walk a little extra.