Top 4 Things You’ll Learn In Our Awesome 12-Week Bootcamp

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What You Will Learn at Boot Camp?

Top 4 Things You’ll Learn In Our Awesome 12-Week Bootcamp

The 12-Week Bootcamp from Be Simply Awesome is specially designed to help you achieve optimal wellness and fitness in a supportive, fun environment for Indian women in America. Whatever your goals are — from losing weight to simply having a great time with some new friends — our virtual 12-week boot camp is great in many ways. Aruna, Mitali, and Sangita are here to make your workouts fun, challenging, and full of love! Ready to get started? Registrations are now open!

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#1: Live Happier

Our live virtual bootcamps are perfect for busy working moms and women in different walks of life. Even just a little bit of exercise can have an outsized effect on our happiness. Working out just 10 minutes a day can help make you feel happier and more mindful of yourself. Taking care of yourself physically is an important part of taking care of yourself mentally as well. Our bootcamp also involves nutritional support, adding an extra dimension to your growth potential.

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#2: Weight Loss & Muscle Toning

One of the major reasons boot camp workouts are so great is because they can help you lose weight and tone your muscles noticeably in a short period of time. Using proven techniques of resistance training, yoga, and other exercises, our 12-week bootcamp can help you see a big difference!

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#3: Structure & Consistency

One of the main reasons people fail at their health and wellness goals is lack of consistency. By joining our community of growth-minded individuals and personal trainers and yoga coaches, there are no more excuses. We all work together to stay consistent in our mindfully structured fitness bootcamp.

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#4: Challenge Yourself & Have Fun

Our bootcamp is done at a higher intensity than you may be at first used to, but trust us — it’ll be worth it… and a lot of fun in the process! Our 12-week fitness bootcamp includes:

  • 3 virtual live classes

  • 72 hours recording availability

  • 3 free yoga classes

  • Nutritional support

  • Accountability

  • Coaching calls with the trainers

  • A large, positive community

  • And more

Join our online boot camp and discover the many positive fitness and wellness benefits of a program written and directed by encouraging Indian women today!

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