Top Ways to Get Fit at Home

Practical Tips For Busy Women

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We get it —you’re a successful busy professional or a mom tending to the needs of others with little time left over for you to pursue your wellness and fitness goals. At Be Simply Awesome, we help you take control of your life from the comfort and convenience of your home. With our full-body at-home workout program, you can see the same results as if you joined a gym. Let’s discuss a few ways that you can get fit at home.

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Do It Together

If you’re attempting to get fit at home, it’s more than likely because you don’t have the time or capacity to go to a gym, not because you desire to be isolated. If you’ve got kids, a packed schedule, or you just want to practice safe social distancing, virtual and online fitness classes are a great alternative; but it doesn’t mean you’ve got to do it alone! Grab a few gal pals to join in or simply attend a live virtual class to share the experience with your coach and other participants.

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Set Realistic Goals

When working out at home, it can be easy to set some very high expectations for yourself. Squeezing in a workout between meetings or during the kids’ naps or meal prepping for the week while you prepare family dinner may seem doable. However, it’s important to remember that you are a busy woman and there’s no need to pile onto your already busy schedule and to-do list. Set realistic, measurable goals and celebrate milestones along the way.

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Have a Plan

Having a plan is the key to success in nearly every facet of life. If you have a clear goal and step-by-step directions to get there, the path is clear. You’ll save time and stress when you’ve got your home fitness plan figured out ahead of time, and even more so if your coach is handling the logistics for you! Better yet, join a virtual boot camp where your only responsibility is to log in!

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Join a Community

The path to success is built on support. To get fit at home, we highly recommend you join a community with women who are like you with similar goals. Working in parallel with one another allows you to offer and receive positive encouragement and support, which keeps you motivated and on track.

To optimize your home fitness journey, get the support of our coaches and the entire Be Simply Awesome community. Begin your transformation by visiting us online where you can register for a 12-week boot camp and all of our other great services. We’ll see you in class!

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